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About Me

I am a Coach. I work primarily with corporate professionals in high ROI coaching engagements. I love coaching for the people and the impact it can have on their business, relationships and self. I sprinkle my coaching sessions with humour and serious introspection in equal measure. My clients engage, return, and recommend me primarily because they attain results in sessions that do not leave them feeling "bashed up".

I am a Trainer. I co-founded a coaching school and have imparted coaching mastery to more than 200 aspiring coaches. Imparting coaching know-how to corporate leaders has, in turn, provided me with the breadth of coaching contexts, within wider domains. I confidently coach within any context and industries.

I am a Human Being. I love life and I absolutely adore hearing stories from friends and strangers. I believe we are blessed with our uniqueness and we should leverage them rather than create cookie-cutter machines. For that reason, I do not "parent" my coachees or apply rigid rules. Coaching should be necessarily uplifting and empowering.

About Me: About Me
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