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Methods & Results

The Art and Science Behind Coaching

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is a relatively unexplored help function that originated from the realm of sports - where the best coach is not necessarily the best player on the court - he/she may not even have been a good player of the sport in many instances.

Coaches employ techniques that allow their clients to formulate new strategies to tackle existing issues, using existing tools. This is done by asking precise questions, at the right moments, to empower and assist the coachee towards tangible results. The coach is hardly ever giving (often unhelpful) advice as the root principle is that each individual is the expert of his/her own life. You become the protagonist in every coaching conversation. 

Different coaches may choose to focus on different domains, many citing "clarity" and finding the 'why' behind the 'what'. I choose to coach for tangible results using scientific methods, blended with the art of being human.

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Reiss Motivation Profiling (RMP)

Is the only scientifically validated profiling tool based on needs, motives and values. It was developed by Steven Reiss, an American psychologist, using the Scientific Method. It assesses an individual's innate motivations against a universal index to show the unique driving force of a person.

It differs from other mass-market profiling tools that pigeonhole you into 4, 8 or 16 different "personality types". The RMP is employed in every coaching engagement to prime you for the project and improve the effectiveness of the coaching.

I am a certified RMP Master and will partner with you to do a full debrief, alongside a comprehensive RMP report that you will receive. 

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Coaching Outcomes

can come in all shapes and forms. Starting a business, career progression, personal development, increased confidence... just to name a few. The common thread here is a goal big enough that you are paying attention, and important enough that you are even considering investing your time and money.

Nobody looks for the reason of the itch, as much as they want to give it a real good scratch! Likewise, a coaching engagement that ends with tangible results or measurable return on investment is the only reason it makes sense to engage a Professional Coach.

Before going into a coaching engagement, you should be prepared to go headlong into whatever you are striving for - or else it is better to give up than to be disappointed.

I am a Professional Certified Coach and have coached countless senior professionals in varied challenges. My decade of experience in Executive Headhunting and Talent Development work also equips me with real insights into career mobility and the tricks of the trade. But not a single client had succeeded by cutting corners.

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